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Birding Location Review – Van Horn, Texas Cemetery

While in west Texas this past weekend to run (2) Breeding Bird Survey Routes, we spent the night at Van Horn on Saturday, May 17th.  Van Horn is located on IH 10 west between El Paso and Fort Stockton.  This small town is primarily a way station for travelers on IH 10 but it does […]

Breeding Bird Surveys – Culberson County, TX

This past weekend my wife and I conducted a couple of Breeding Bird Surveys for the USGS in Culberson County, Texas.  We were privileged to have one route run right alongside Guadalupe Mountains National Park.  While running the route and surveying for birds, I tried out the iPhone 5 panoramic camera for a few shots […]

Book Review – Bryan Peterson’s “Understanding Exposure”

As photography continues to grow in popularity and practice, more and more beginners are finding themselves spending lots of money on equipment and traveling to places to photograph.  Unfortunately, all too often, a lack of exposure theory and understanding prevent them for making the most of their equipment and time.  I have read many books […]

Bird Photography for Birders – TOS Spring Meeting 2014

As the 2014 Texas Ornithological Society (TOS) spring meeting approaches, I wanted to share with those that will be going that my presentation on Thursday night (April 24th) will be “Bird Photography for Birders.”  Photography has a lot of technical aspects to it that can be confusing or challenging for a birder and, when we […]

Precision Camera Wedding Workshop

I have had some requests to do wedding photography of late and I figured I would do some exploration, learning, buy some equipment and try to find a workshop.  Precision Camera University offered a one-day wedding workshop and the instructor was Dustin Meyer.  Our location was the fabulous Chateau Bellevue and the setting couldn’t have […]

10 Day South Texas Trip – Adventure Caravans RV Birding Reunion

During the last ten (10) days, I was busy co-leading a birding tour of the Lower Rio Grande Valley with a total of 58 participants!!  The tour was an Adventure Caravan Birding Tour and they were having a reunion of folks who had gone on previous tours such as Central America, Newfoundland, and Alaska to […]