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Photo Tip of the Day – Head Angle

When photographing perched birds, I do my best to wait to press the shutter until the bird’s head is slightly angled toward me.  Of course, there are other angles that can be pleasing as well; but in general, the head turned slightly towards the photographer will generally yield a much more pleasant photo. By being […]

Three Things Every Bird Photographer MUST Know (Part Two)

In my previous post, we focused on how important it is for the bird photographer to know how to quickly and efficiently select the different AF area selection modes and AF points.  In today’s post, I will discuss the benefits and uses of Aperture Priority (AV) exposure mode and Manual exposure mode and when to […]

Three Things Every Bird Photographer MUST Know (Part One)

I would say far and away one of the biggest challenges facing bird photographers is that many do not know how to use their camera body functions and controls quickly and without looking, if at all.   And the impact this will have on your ability to quickly and easily make necessary changes as light and/or […]

Birding Location Review – Van Horn, Texas Cemetery

While in west Texas this past weekend to run (2) Breeding Bird Survey Routes, we spent the night at Van Horn on Saturday, May 17th.  Van Horn is located on IH 10 west between El Paso and Fort Stockton.  This small town is primarily a way station for travelers on IH 10 but it does […]

Breeding Bird Surveys – Culberson County, TX

This past weekend my wife and I conducted a couple of Breeding Bird Surveys for the USGS in Culberson County, Texas.  We were privileged to have one route run right alongside Guadalupe Mountains National Park.  While running the route and surveying for birds, I tried out the iPhone 5 panoramic camera for a few shots […]