Shot of the Day – Rufous-Crowned Sparrow

Rufous-crowned Sparrow

Rufous-crowned Sparrow

This image of a Rufous-crowned Sparrow was taken at Transition Ranch northwest of Uvalde, Texas.

Technical Information:

Equipment:  Canon 7D, Canon 600 f/4 L II, Canon 1.4 extender, Gitzo Tripod with Wimberly Head

Exposure:  1/400 @ f/6.3, ISO 640, Processed in LR5


Black-throated Sparrow

Plain and simple, does it get any prettier than a nice adult Black-throated Sparrow?  I first saw this species in Big Bend National Park back in August 1989 and I was instantly drawn to its bold plumage.  Nothing like seeing this bird perched on blooming ocotillo singing its heart out.  This adult was photographed at the windmill blind on Transition Ranch near Uvalde, Texas.

Black-throated Sparrow Adult

It is that Time of Year – Juvenile Birds

I was in Uvalde these past few days checking out the Transition Ranch and I met the wonderful owners, Dr. Sandy & Leslee Kay Hurwitz.  My purpose in traveling to the ranch was to investigate the possibility of hosting workshops at the location and possibly serving as a ranch guide.  In reality, there is so much more that I hope to see evolve from this awesome experience and I hope to share more in the next few months.  The Hurwitz’s are incredibly hospitable and just a real pleasure to get to know.

Many people might think July is not the best time to go to a blind, but one of the things I love about late summer are the many juvenile plumages that often confuse birders and photographers alike.  I am one of those rare photographers who loves sparrows and I have even taught sparrow identification workshops for the Texas Ornithological Society.

At the ranch, we saw Black-throated, Rufous-crowned and Lark Sparrow juveniles.  Enjoy the photos:

Please feel free to share where you like photographing juvenile birds!