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Bird Photography for Birders – TOS Spring Meeting 2014

As the 2014 Texas Ornithological Society (TOS) spring meeting approaches, I wanted to share with those that will be going that my presentation on Thursday night (April 24th) will be “Bird Photography for Birders.”  Photography has a lot of technical aspects to it that can be confusing or challenging for a birder and, when we […]

Precision Camera Wedding Workshop

I have had some requests to do wedding photography of late and I figured I would do some exploration, learning, buy some equipment and try to find a workshop.  Precision Camera University offered a one-day wedding workshop and the instructor was Dustin Meyer.  Our location was the fabulous Chateau Bellevue and the setting couldn’t have […]

Night Photography – New Area of Interest

As of late, I have been researching and learning as much as I can about night sky photography.  There is something awe-inspiring about viewing amazing images taken at night where countless stars are visible along with amazing features of the landscape.  This area of photography has seen a marked increase in the number of folks […]

Birthday Shooting at Hornsby Bend

For my birthday on Wednesday, I decided to go photograph at Hornsby Bend in Austin since I hadn’t had the opportunity to photograph many dragonflies lately.  While species diversity were down and the cooler temperatures got things off to a later start, I still found a few nice subjects.  The melanistic Red-Eared Sliders are my […]

Welcome to Lee Hoy Photography!

Hello everyone and welcome to my website leehoyphotography.com!  I want to take a minute and introduce you to the website/blog and let you know what you can expect from me.  This website will be focused on introducing people to the world of wildlife photography, macro photography (specifically focusing on dragonflies, damselflies and butterflies), and landscape […]