Violet-crowned Hummingbird Comes to Visit Sanderson

Hummingbird Species #8 for Yard

Prior to December 13th, my yard had been host to Black-chinned, Ruby-throated, Anna’s, Broad-tailed, Rufous, Allen’s, and Lucifer’s Hummingbird. I had been quite ill of late and missed four days of work. On Monday, December 11th, I noticed one of my hummingbird feeders was low and needed to be refilled. I had been having up to 6 Anna’s in the yard and knew they were going through quite a bit of nectar. I bundled up and headed to get the feeder. As I lifted the feeder, I noticed a hummingbird was still sitting on the back side and then hovered briefly near the feeder while I started heading into the house. My first thought was, “that hummer sure had a lot of white on it.” Feeling terrible, I cleaned and filled the feeder, rehung it and then went back in to lay under my quilt on the couch. I didn’t even bother trying to see what it might have been. On Wednesday, Mel and Arlie Cooksey came by the house to see what was in the yard and he called me and said, “Lee, there is a Violet-crowned Hummingbird in your yard.”  Well, that makes 8 species of hummers in two years (moved into the house in March 2016). Needless to say, this is the best rare bird I have ever had in any yard to date.

The bird is still being seen quite easily and my yard is now eBird hotspot “Papster’s Place.” Come on out and take a look at this beautiful, first year bird. This will be the 20th record for Texas if accepted by the Texas Bird Records Committee. So far, we have had birders from Lubbock, Austin, Houston, Tyler, the Rio Grande Valley and other Texas locales. Look forward to meeting many more birders who come to the see the bird.

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